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Companies need to have excellent content throughout all of their marketing platforms. Great content and copy can be valuable resources. For the past thirty-plus years, I have been out there getting my hands dirty. which has taught me not just to respect others, but helped me to understand their point of view. with all of that behind me, it's time I put all that I have learned to good use—helping companies in the transportation and Logistics industries and small businesses along with the vast number of companies that support them. While I may have only been writing content for a short time, I have written several short stories over the years, gaining a profound knowledge of the English language, thus putting it at my every command. But that's only a small part of the equation. Creativity followed by research of the topic or product being written about. With all of that being said, Let me introduce myself; my name is Tony Weems, Owner of TW Callaway Copywriting. After years of working for someone else. I decided to start this business. I Wanted to start devoting more time to my family and maybe traveling some to spend time with my kids and grandkids. Trying to make up for lost time when my kids were growing up. A lifetime of learning and working in the transportation and logistics industry gives me the understanding needed to write the copy and content required to market these industries. I like to give every client my undivided attention to deliver the best copy and content I can. Being AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute) trained and verified and a PWA member (Professional Writers Alliance). Gives me the skills needed to write several different types of copy and content that will draw readers in motivating them to act.

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